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Omar Khayyam

ওমর খৈয়াম

Omar Khayyam is a famous name in the history of medieval literature. He was born in 1048 in Khorasani dynasty in Persia, present Iran. He was a brilliant mathematician and philosopher along with being a poet. His one of the most notable creations was Rubiyat, which is a collection of poetry or quatrains. In this collection Khayyam has blended his literary expertise with his philosophical thought process. In his contemporary society Khayyam was considered to be a scientific scholar with highly creative mindset. He put enormous effort to measure the length of a year as accurate as possible and he has also modified the astronomical table after conducting different types of scientific research. Because of his multidimensional skills Khayyam became famous worldwide and was able to put great impact in the Persian as well as Arabian literature. He died in 1131 in Nishapur and his tomb is now known as Mausoleum of Omar Khayyam.