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Kallol Lahiri

কল্লোল লাহিড়ী

Kallol Lahiri is a prominent name in the modern Bengali literature. An Indian by birth, Lahiri took keen interest in the development of literary mindset since his childhood. He is the alumni of two eminent centers of excellence of Bengali culture, Calcutta University and Jadavpur University. His whole life has been involved in making creative writing, scripts for film and telefilms, blogging and documentary. He likes to discover different dimensions of writing which is very rare in today’s literary generation. His remarkable work is ‘Gora Nakshal’, which was published in 2017. Other notable works are ‘Indubala Bhater Hotel’, ‘Babar Iyashika Camera’, ‘Ichhamotir Dosh’, ‘Valo Theko Rituda’ and many more. He has also exhibited his literary talent in writing short fictions, wildlife documentary, travelogues etc. He has been accolade with prestigious ‘Shrimati Sadhana Sen Samman’ by ‘Bhumodhyosagor’ magazine in 2021.


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