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Kasem Bin Abubakar

কাসেম বিন আবুবাকার

One of the famous Bangladeshi authors, Kasem Bin Abubakar brought a transition in the then Bengali literature. While his contemporaries focused more in showing the social and political affair, Abubakar wrote more on the love-based theme. Another notable fact about his novels is that they are mostly written on rural context. His first novel, ‘Futanta Golap’ was the bestseller after it’s publication that took more than a decade after his completion. His novels are of great appeal to the young reader group because of his thematic climax and portrayal of characters. His other major works include ‘Amio Manush’, ‘Tumio Manush’, ‘Ononto Prem’, ‘Oboseshe Mialn’, ‘Omor Prem’, ‘Hothath Dekha’, ‘Aami Tomar’, ‘Kalo Meye’, ‘Hridoy Jomuna’, ‘Bhalobashi Tomakei’, ‘Manush Omanush’, ‘Polatok’, etc. Though he was not received the recognition in the literary world that he deserved, his contribution to the Bengali modern novels is unique and immortal.


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