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Tarapada Roy

তারাপদ রায়

Tarapada Roy was one of the brilliant satirical poets of Bengali literature during nineteenth century. He was born in 1936 in Tangail district of present Bangladesh and later shifted to Kolkata. He had written numerous poems, essays and stories in his entire life. Most of his writings are full of humor that help the readers to connect with the contemporary Bengali society. He published his first poem collection ‘Tomar Pratima’ in 1960. Some of his other famous poems are ‘Pata O Pakhider Alochana’, ‘Jaler Moto Kabita’, ‘Daridrarekha’, ‘Din Ani Din Khai’ etc. In addition to that, he has written several stories namely, ‘Kandogyan’, ‘Gyan Gomyi’, ‘Balish’, ‘Mandhata’, ‘Buddhishuddhi’ and many others. He had also written a travelogue ‘Neel Digante Tokhon Magic’, where he blended his literary skills with his travelling experience. He died of Kidney failure in 2007.


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