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Panchkari Dey

পাঁচকড়ি দে

Panchkari Dey was a famous Bengali detective writer who was born on 1873. His detective fictions are inspired by the 19th century’s European writers such as Wilkie Collins, Emile Gaboriau. His first detective novel, ‘Hotyakari ke?’ (Who is the Murderer?) was published in 1930. The novel showcased the social evil of the arranged marriages that could bring sufferings and sorrow for a girl. One of the interesting aspects of his writings is that they are very simple and thrilling at the same time. The captivating power of his writing, therefore is high. His two characters, Arindam Bosu, a detective who wears dhoti and Jumelia, the criminal, is still so famous. His other literary works are ‘Monoroma’, ‘Soti Shobhana’, ‘Mayabi’, ‘Gobindaram’. He died in 1945.


গল্প (পাঁচকড়ি দে)

পাঁচকড়ি দের উপন্যাস সমগ্র

গোবিন্দরাম (ডিটেকটিভ উপন্যাস)

নীল বসনা সুন্দরী (রহস্য উপন্যাস)


হত্যাকারী কে? (রহস্য উপন্যাস)