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Pracheta Gupta

প্রচেত গুপ্ত

Pracheta Gupta was born on October 14, 1962. Though he was a journalist, he started writing since he was in school. When he was 12, his first story was published. His first novel was ‘Aamar ja achhe’ in 2004 that took him to the peak of success in his writing career. His novel, ‘Chander Bari’ was adapted into film in 2007 by director Tarun Majumder. Also, his ‘Chor-er-bou’ was adapted into another film, named ‘Necklace’ by Sekhar Das. He is also known for his children’s literature. ‘Lal-rong-er Churi’ is the first children’s novel. His other writings are ‘Tin Number Chithi’, ‘Ponchashti Golpo’, ‘Sunyo Kham’, ‘Shit Khub Dure noi’, ‘Dhulobalir Jibon’, ‘Aschorjer Pukur’, etc. He was awarded with Kishore Sahitya Academy Award in 2021.


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