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Bani Basu

বাণী বসু

As a contemporary writer Bani Basu is known as a feminist voice of literature. She was born in 1939 and received her academic degrees from University of Calcutta. She started her writing depicting various aspects of a woman's life and society. She raised her voice to many social issues regarding sexism, misogyny etc. Her writings depicted her thoughts as well. For instance, 'Swet Pathorer Thala', 'Ekushey Paa', 'Astham Garbha', 'Antarghath' and others are some of her well known writings. She received many awards; such as, 'Sahitya Academy Award (2010)', 'Kotha Award (2003)', 'Bankim Award (1998)' etc.


উপন্যাস (বাণী বসু)

নূহর নৌকা

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