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Bimal Kar

বিমল কর

Bimal Kar is a renowned Bengali author who was born on September 19, 1921 in Taki in the North 24 Parganas,. He is mostly famous for writing Bengali dramas and novels. The unique style that differentiates Kar from his other contemporaries is his different narrative styles. His writings are considered as modern as they reflect the complexities of modern lives of people. He is also well known amongst children for his memorable character, Kikira, a magician who solved mysteries with his assistants. He also wrote detective stories with the famous character Victor that people still admire. His other creations include ‘Purna apurna’, ‘Balika Badhu’, ‘Asamay’, ‘Dongson’, ‘Dwip’, ‘Khorkuto’, ‘Osesh’, ‘Granthi’, ‘Moho’, Aloukik’, ‘Neel Banorer Haar’, ‘Ekti Photo Churir Rohosyo’, ‘Ghughu’, etc. He was awarded with the Sahitya Academy award in 1975. He passed on August 26, 2003.


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