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Bimal Mitra

বিমল মিত্র

Bimal Mitra was born on March 18, 1912. Mitra was one of the influential writers of his time and wrote more than hundred novels and stories. He was fluent in writing both Bengali and Hindi. Many of his novels was adapted into films and one of such novels is Saheb Bibi Golam that brought him the much-awaited success. The novel illustrates the degeneration of feudal family. The relevancy makes both the novel and the film a huge success. Besides, Mitra’s ‘Asami Hazir’ is another classic that too was adapted into a TV series in Doordarshan. The novel brings out the sense of remorse and helplessness of a person who wants to repent for the sins by his father and grandfather. Mitra’s other works are ‘Kori Diye Kinlam’, ‘Ekak Dashak Shatak’, ‘Sab Jhut hain’, ‘Ja Debi’, ‘Pati Param Guru’, etc. He died on December 2, 1991.


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