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Mahmudul Haque

মাহমুদুল হক

Mahmudul Haque was a legendary poet and author of Bangladesh. He was born in 1941 in Barasat of the Bengali Presidency of the then British India. Post-independence he along with his family shifted to Dhaka of present Bangladesh. At a young age Haque stepped into the world of Bengali literary world. He published his first story ‘Durghotona’ in the famous ‘Sainik’ magazine at the age of 12. In 1967 his first novel ‘Jekhane Khonjona Pakhi’ was published and he became popular as an established writer among the readers. His other masterpieces are namely, ‘Khelaghar’, ‘Nirapod Tandra’, ‘Matir Jahaj’, ‘Chikkore Kabuk’, ‘Onur Pathsala’ and so on. Haque has been honored with prestigious ‘Bangla Academy Literary Award’ in 1977. This talented gem of Bengali literature passed away in 2008 in Dhaka.


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