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Mohammad Nazim Uddin

মোহাম্মদ নাজিম উদ্দিন

Mohammad Nazim Uddin is currently one of the greatest thriller writers and translator of Bangladesh. He was born in Dhaka and was an alumni of the University of Dhaka. While studying English he became highly enthusiastic in translation of foreign literatures. This led him to translate different kinds of English novels into Bengali and he infused his own literary style while carrying out the translations. His primary objective behind the translation is to give the Bengali readers the taste of foreign thrillers in Bengali language. Some of his famous translations are ‘Lost Symbol’, ‘The Day of the Jackal’, ‘Red Dragon’, ‘Godfather’, ‘Mona Lisa’ etc. Apart from that, he has also proved his expertise in writing original thriller contents. His prominent thrillers are ‘Nemesis’, ‘Rabindranath Ekhane Kokhono Khete Asenni’, which brought him widespread popularity, ‘Karachi’, ‘Contract’, ‘Nexus’ and so on. His works have also been adapted for making web series in both the Bengals.


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