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Rajshekhar Basu(Parashuram)

রাজশেখর বসু (পরশুরাম)

Rajshekhar Basu or popularly known as Parashuram was born on March 16, 1880 in West Bengal, India. He is regarded as one of the finest humorists of the 20th century Bengal. His short stories bear a sense of satire and comic that makes him distinguished from his contemporaries. His writings also portray social and religious superstitions in an artistic and intense manner. He started the literary career in the 1920s. Gaddalika, his first book of stories received appreciation from all corners of the literary clubs of the then Bengal. His other notable works are ‘Sri Sri Siddheswari Limited’, ‘Kajjali’, ‘Galpakalpa’, ‘Dhusturi Maya’, ‘Krishnakali Ityadi Galpa’, ‘Asmani Choti’, ‘Jaliyat’, etc. He received Rabindra Puraskar in 1955, Padma Bhusan in 1956 and Akademy Puruaskar in 1958. He passed away on April 27, 1960.


উত্তর-চলচ্চিন্তা (প্রবন্ধাবলী)

চলচ্চিন্তা (প্রবন্ধাবলী)

পরশুরামের গল্প

বিচিন্তা (প্রবন্ধাবলী)

বিবিধ রচনা (প্রবন্ধ)

লঘুগুরু (প্রবন্ধাবলী)