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Rudra Mohammad Shahidullah

রুদ্র মুহম্মদ শহিদুল্লাহ

One of the leading romantic Bengali poets, Rudra Mohammad Shahidullah was born on October 16, 1956 in East Pakistan (now Bangladesh). His love for literature started from school. His first poem was published in the daily journal, ‘Azad’ when he was in class ten. The notable aspect of Shahidullah’s poems is that they are filled with all kinds of emotion that a reader of any age can easily relate to. His poems often depict the contemporary situation of the liberation war of Bangladesh, the mass movement with a distinguished tone of romanticism that very few authors could accomplish at that time. Some of his poems are ‘Abelay Shonkhhodhoni’, ‘Bish’, ‘Dure acho dure’, ‘Kotha Chilo Subinoy’, ‘Chithi’, ‘E Kemon Bhranti Aamar’, etc. He was also a song writer and his song ‘Aamar Bhitoro Bahire Ontore Ontore’ is still so famous. He was awarded with the Munir Chaudhury Memorial Award in 1980. He passed away in June 21, 1991 due to drug abuse only at the age of 34.


কাব্যসংগ্রহ (রুদ্র মুহম্মদ শহিদুল্লাহ)

উপদ্রুত উপকূল (১৯৭৯)

এক গ্লাস অন্ধকার (১৯৯২)

খুটিনাটি খুনশুটি ও অন্যান্য কবিতা

গল্প (১৯৮৭)

ছোবল (১৯৮৬)

দিয়েছিলে সকল আকাশ (১৯৮৮)

ফিরে চাই স্বর্ণগ্রাম (১৯৮১)

মানুষের মানচিত্র (১৯৮৪)

মৌলিক মুখোশ (১৯৯০)

গান (রুদ্র মুহাম্মদ শহিদুল্লাহ)