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Leela Majumdar

লীলা মজুমদার

One of the most celebrated authors of 20th century, Leela Majumdar marked her literary career for distinctive characters and unique stories. She was born on February 26, 1908. Her first story was ‘Lokkhi Chhele’ that was published in Sandesh in 1922. However, it was ‘Din Dupure’ that took her to the peak of success in her literary career. Her other works include ‘Boddi Nather Bari’, ‘Tong Ling’, ‘Holde Pakhir Palok’, ‘Monimala’, ‘Bhuter Bari’, ‘Moyna’, ‘Patka Chor’, ‘Shalikh’, etc. Pakdandi, her autobiographical book showcased her childhood days and also her journey in All India Radio. She was awarded with state award for children’s literature for ‘Holde Pakhir Palok’. Apart from this, she was also awarded ‘Rabindra Puraskar’ and ‘Deshikottama’ award. She passed away on April 5, 2007.


গুপির গুপ্তখাতা

টং লিং

দিনদুপুরে (গল্পগ্রন্থ)

নেপোর বই

পদিপিসীর বর্মিবাক্স


বদ্যিনাথের বড়ি (গল্পগ্রন্থ)

বাঘের চোখ (গল্পগ্রন্থ)


লীলা মজুমদারের গল্প

হলদে পাখির পালক