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Shawkat Ali

শওকত আলী

Shawkat Ali, a prolific writer of all time was born on February 12, 1936 in West Dinajpur district of the then British India. His writing career started with articles that were published in newspaper. Some of his well-known novels are ‘Prodoshe Prakritojon’, ‘Opekkha’, ‘Dakkhinyaoner’, ‘Jete Chai’, ‘Sambal’, ‘Jaatra’, ‘Warish’, ‘Tripodi’, etc. ‘Prodoshe Prakritojon’ illustrates the exploitation and oppression of the lower caste people by the Sena dynasty that ruled Bengal during the 11th and 12th centuries. Another masterpiece, ‘Uttarer Khep’ was adapted into a Bangladeshi film in 2000. He received Bangla Academy Literary Award in 1968 and Ekushey Padak in 1990. He passed away on January 25, 2018.


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