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Shahidul Zahir

শহীদুল জহির

Shahidul Zahir was one of few authors of Bangladesh, who have left an indelible impression in the Bengali literature. He was born in September, 1953 in Dhaka of present Bangladesh and he belonged to an aristocrat family. He was a civil servant of the Government of Bangladesh and simultaneously he used to practice writing. He had infused an unusual pattern in his writings and this made him unique among the readers of the country. His writing style was inspired by popular novelists Akhtaruzzaman Elias and Syed Shamsul Haque. His first story was ‘Bhalobasah’ and he published his first collection of short stories, ‘Parapar’ in 1985. He had written several novels, namely, ‘Mukher Dike Dekhi’, ‘Jibon O Rajnaitik Bastobota’, ‘Abu Ibrahimer Mirtu’ and ‘Se Ratey Purnima Chilo’. Some of his stories have been adapted for screenplay such as ‘Choturtha Matra’, ‘Kanta’, ‘Kothay Pabo Tarey’ etc. Zahir has been honored with prestigious ‘Kagoz Literary Award’ and ‘Alaol Literary Award’ for exhibiting outstanding expertise to enrich Bengali literature. This high-quality author died of cardiac arrest in March, 2008.


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