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Selina Hossain

সেলিনা হোসেন

Selina Hossain is a prolific writer and novelist of the Bengali literature in present day. She was born in June, 1947 in Rajshahi district of present-day Bangladesh. She has devoted her life for experimenting various aspects of novel writing. She always focuses to illustrate the contemporary social disputes in her writing. She took part in the Language Movement with her writings, which are full of sharp intellect. Her two important works ‘Poka Makorer Ghor Boshoti’ and ‘Hangor Nodi Grenade’ brought her immense success and she got extensive popularity among the Bengali readers. Her other notable works are ‘Japito Jibon’, ‘Opekkha’, ‘Utso Theke Nirontor’, ‘Mohinir Biye’, ‘Magna Caitanye Shis’, ‘Katatare Prajapati’, ‘Chand Bene’ and many others. She has been honored with ‘Bangla Academy Literary Award’, ‘Independence Day Award’, ‘Ekushey Padak’, ‘Phillips Literary Award’ and many more. She was appointed as the head of Bangladesh Shishu Academy and also represented the executive board of UNESCO. Some of his writing have been translated into Russian, French, English, Japanese and Korean languages.


অপেক্ষা (২০০৭)

গেরিলা ও বীরাঙ্গনা (২০১৪)

টানাপোড়েন (১৯৯৪)

পদশব্দ (১৯৮২)

যাপিত জীবন

সেলিনা হোসেনের গল্প

হাঙর নদী গ্রেনেড (উপন্যাস)