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দৈ : দই-এর বানানভেদ।

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দে  দৈ  দৈন  দৈব  দো  দড়  দঢ়  দ২  

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Appropriate Preposition:

Appropriate to(যোগ্য): His answer is appropriate to the question.

Conceal from(লুকানো) Do not conceal anything from me.

Contemporary of (সমসাময়িক): William Wordsworth was a contemporary for greater efficiency.

Due to (কারণে): His absence is due to illness.

Inquire into (খতিয়ে দেখা): The police officer will inquire into the matter.

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At a discount (অনাদৃত) Female education is no longer at a discount now.

Liable to mislead (প্রতারণাপূর্ণ- deceptive): Appearances can often be liable to mislead.

Out of date (সেকেলে): This fashion is out of date.

To the letter (in all details, অক্ষরে অক্ষরে) —Follow my advice to the letter.

With a view to (উদ্দেশ্য)- He goes to college with a view to attending the class.

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