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দৌড় : [বিশেষ্য পদ] ধাবন, ছুট (দৌড় দেওয়া); বেগে গমন (দৌড়-প্রতিযোগিতা); বেগে পলায়ন (দৌড় মারা); সীমা, প্রসার (বুদ্ধির দৌড়); ক্ষমতা।

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Appropriate Preposition:

Adequate for(পর্যাপ্ত): The loan given by the bank is not adequate for the farming project.

Convince of(বিশ্বাস হওয়া): I am convinced of your efficiency.

Solution to (সমাধান): None can solution to every problem.

Sorry for (দুঃখিত): He is sorry for his misdeeds.

Taste of (স্বাদ; অভিজ্ঞতা): They have had some taste of problems.

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Bad book (disfavour-খারাপ নজর —n) The secretary has fallen in the bad book of the manager.

Lion’s share (বড় মাপের অংশ): He took the lion’s share of the profit.

Seventh heaven – (মহাখুশী) – I was in the seventh heaven when I heard the news of my BCS final result.

To the backbone (হাড়ে হাড়ে): I know this boy to the backbone.

Up-to-date (আধুনিক) - Now-a-days ladies are very up to date.

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