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হাতছানি দিয়ে ডাকা Meaning: [] beckon; [প্রতিশব্দ]

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হাতছানি দিয়ে ডাকা  হাতছানি দিয়ে ডাকা  

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Appropriate Preposition:

Bar to(বাধা): Poverty is not a bar to happiness.

Catch at(ধরা): A drowning man catches at a straw.

Conceal from(লুকানো) Do not conceal anything from me.

Die for (আত্নত্যাগ করা): Our Chairman died for our country.

Hunger for (আকাঙ্কা): The teacher has a great hunger for knowledge.

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At home (comfortable— আরাম) He feels at home in Dhaka now.

Bad blood - (শত্রুতা): There has always been bad blood between these families.

Beggar description - (অবর্ণনীয় হওয়া): The distress of the Muslims in Bosnia beggars description.

In black and white – (লিখিতভাবে) – Put forward your proposal in black and white.

In the long run (পরিণামে): You will have to suffer in the long run.

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