English & Bengali Dictionary

100+ Important Abbreviations

M.A. - Master of Arts

M.COM - Master of Commerce

B.COM - Bachelor of Commerce

M.S - Master of Surgery

M.D - Doctor of Medicine/ Managing director

B.S.S. - Bachelor of Social Science.

B.B.S - Bachelor of Business Studies

B.B.A - Bachelor of Business Administration

B.Sc. - Bachelor of Science

M.Sc. - Master of Science

B. A - Bachelor of Arts.

B.C.S - Bangladesh Civil Service

D.Sc. - Doctor of Science

J.S.C - Junior School Certificate

J.D.C - Junior Dakhil Certificate

S.S.C - Secondary School Certificate

H.S.C - Higher Secondary Certificate

M.B.B.S. - Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery

M.B.A - Master of Business Administration

MSc. Ag. - Master of Science in Agriculture.

B.Sc. Ag. - Bachelor of Science in Agriculture

B.ed - Bachelor of education.

Ph.D./ D.Phil. - Doctor of Philosophy (Arts & Science)

D.Litt./Lit. - Doctor of Literature/ Doctor of Letters.

D.C. - District Commissioner/ Deputy Commissioner

D.Sc. - Doctor of Science

M.PHIL or MPHIL - Master of Philosophy

Dr. - Doctor

Mr. - Mister

Mrs. - Mistress

Miss - Used before unmarried girls

A.M - Ante meridian

P.M - Post meridian

Etc. - Et cetera

V.I.P. - Very Important Person

W.W.W. - World Wide Web

F.A.Q. - Frequently Asked Questions

CV - Curriculum vitae

SMS - Short message service

VAT - Value Added Tax

S.I - Sub Inspector Police

S.P - Police Super

V.P - Vice Principal.

V.C - Vice Chancellor

M.P. - Member of Parliament

M.L.A. - Member of Legislative Assembly.

M.L.C - Member of Legislative Council

PA - Personal Assistant

CEO - Chief Executive Officer

CFO - Chief Financial Officer

CMO - Chief Marketing Officer

JD - Juris Doctor

DC - Doctor of Chiropractic

SVP - Senior Vice President

EVP - Executive Vice President

VP - Vice President

IT - Information Technology

RAB - Rapid action Battalion.

NGO - Non Government organization

BBC - British Broadcasting Corporation

ISP - Internet service provider

HTTP - Hyper Text Transfer Protocol

BRAC - Bangladesh Rural Advancement Committee

H.R. - Human Resources

ITU - International Telecommunication Union

A.I.D.S. - Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome

A.S.E.A.N. - Association of Southeast Asian Nations

FIFA - Federation International de Football Association

U.N.I.C.E.F. - United Nations Children’s Education Fund

InterPol - International Criminal Police Organization

NASA - National Aeronautics and Space Administration

UN - United Nations

R.A.M. - Random Access Memory

P.C. - Personal Computer

L.E.D. - Light Emitting Diode

L.C.D. - Liquid Crystal Display

D.V.D. - Digital Versatile Disk

B.A.R.D - Bangladesh Academy for Rural Development

B.I.W.T.A. - Bangladesh Inland Water Transport Authority

BIBM - Bangladesh Institute of Bank Management

BSCIC - Bangladesh Small and Cottage Industry Corporation

BRTC - Bangladesh Road Transport Corporation

E-BOOK - Electronic book

GPS - Global Positioning System

GNP - Gross National Product

EPZ - export processing zone

EEZ - exclusive economic zone

GRPS - General Packet Radio Service

ICAB - Institute Of Chartered Accountants Of Bangladesh

IPS - Instant Power Supply

NBR - National Board Of Revenue

NCTB - National Curriculum and Textbook Board

NIPA - National Institute Of Public Administration

PDF - Portable Document Format

RIM - Research In Motion

UPS - uninterruptible power supply

WIFI - Wireless Fidelity

ZPG - Zero Population Growth

BSTI - Bangladesh Standard & Testing Institute

BEPZA - Bangladesh Export Processing Zones Authority

BRRI - Bangladesh Rice Research Institute

BCB - Bangladesh Cricket Board

ACC - Anti Corruption Commission

DMCH - Dhaka Medical College Hospital

MP - Member of Parliament

GMT - Greenwich Mean Time