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গৃহভেদী : [বিশেষণ পদ] গৃহবিচ্ছেদকারী, ঘরভাঙানে।

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গুরমুখী  গৃহবাসী  গৃহভেদী  গৃহিণী  গোলমেলে  

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Appropriate Prepositions

Agree to(ব্যক্তি ছাড়া অন্যকিছুর সাথে একমত হওয়া): We cannot agree to your proposal.

Cast aside (ছুঁড়ে ফেলা): As soon as they become rich they cast aside their poor friends.

Look after (দেখাশুনা): He looks after me.

Play on (বাজানো): They play on the piano.

Quarrel with (ঝগড়া করা): Some girls quarreled with one another.

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Crying need (জরুরী): Mass education is a crying need for India.

From hand to mouth (দিন আনে দিন খায়): The poor man live from hand to mouth.

Lose one’s heart (প্রেমে পড়া) — He lost his heart to the girl.

Silver tongue (মিষ্টভাষী)- He is a man of silver tongue.

With might and main (যথা শক্তি দিয়ে) —He tried with might and main to help me.

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