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দেড় : [বিশেষণ পদ] এক ও আধ (দেড় সের)।[বিশেষণ পদ] দেড় (দেড়া ভাড়া)।

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দগড়  দুধ  দুৎ  দৃঢ়  দে  দেখ  দেদো  দেন  দেনো  দেব  দেবী  দেল  দেশ  দেশজ  দেশী  দেহ  দেহজ  দেহ২  দেড়  দেয়  দেয়া  দে২  দে৩  দৌড়  দৌড়া  দড়  দড়বড়  

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Appropriate Prepositions

Apply for(কারো কাছে আবেদন করা): Sumi applied to the Principal for free studentship.

Cast aside (ছুঁড়ে ফেলা): As soon as they become rich they cast aside their poor friends.

Indispensable to (অত্যাবশ্যকীয়): Your help is indispensable to him.

Pity for (করুণা, সমব্যথা): I feel pity for this helpless old man.

Pleased with (সন্তুষ্ট): Shamim is pleased with all his employees.

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Die in harness (কর্মরত অবস্থায় মারা যাওয়া): Dr. Sen died in harness.

Null and void (বাতিল): The deed has been null and void now.

Silver tongue (মিষ্টভাষী)- He is a man of silver tongue.

Scapegoat (উদোর পিন্ডি বুধোর ঘাড়ে)—He was made scapegoat of the incident.

With might and main (যথা শক্তি দিয়ে) —He tried with might and main to help me.

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