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লেবু : [বিশেষ্য পদ] অম্লরসাত্মক ফলবিশেষ।

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Appropriate Prepositions

Absorbed in(মগ্ন): I am absorbed in my study.

Antipathy to/towards (ঘৃনা): I have a strong antipathy to smoking.

Certain of(নিশ্চিত): Jamal is certain of his success.

Refrain from (বিরত রাখা বা থাকা): I refrained him from smoking.

Regard for (সম্মান): Good boys have great regard for their teachers.

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At death’s door (at the point of death- মৃত্যুর দ্বারে) The patient is now at death’s door.

At one’s elbow (near at hand — হাতের কাছে – adv.) His private secretary is always at his elbow.

Burning question - (গুরুত্বপূর্ন বিষয়): Poverty problem is a burning question of our country.

Hold water (ধোপে টেকা): This policy will not hold water in this situation.

Set out (যাত্রা করা)— I will set out in time.

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