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লেবু : [বিশেষ্য পদ] অম্লরসাত্মক ফলবিশেষ।

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Appropriate Prepositions

Admit of(স্থান করা, সুযোগপ্রাপ্ত হওয়া): His offence admits of no explanation.

Famous for (বিখ্যাত): Smith is famous for his wisdom.

Perfect for (সঠিক, মানানসই): The new book is perfect for you.

Run over (চাপা পড়া): The man was run over by a truck.

Side with (পক্ষ অবলম্বন করা): The Chairman sided with the powerful party.

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All at once - (হঠাৎ): I feel terribly sleepy all at once.

At the eleventh hour (at the last moment-শেষ মুহুর্তে adv.) The patient was in a dangerous condition and the doctor came at the eleventh hour.

Beggar description - (অবর্ণনীয় হওয়া): The distress of the Muslims in Bosnia beggars description.

Far and wide (সর্বত্র): His fame spread far and wide.

Well-to-do (সঙ্গতিপূর্ণ) - He was not born in a well-to-do family.

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