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জীবাণু: [Noun] Microbe; germ; bacillus;

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জবানী  জবাবী  জবাবে  জলবায়ু  জীব জগৎ  জীবজগৎ  জীবজনি  জীবনী  জীবনে  জীববলি  জীববিৎ  জীবাকর  জীবাণু  জীবিকা  জীবিত  জীয়ানো  জুটানো  জেতানো  জোটানো  জ্ঞানী  জ্বালন  জ্বালা  জড়বাদ  জড়বাদী  জয়কারী  

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Appropriate Prepositions

Desist from (বিরত থাকা): She desisted from making this.

Devoid of (বিহীন/বর্জিত): He is devoid of common sense.

Effect of (প্রভাব): The effect of corruption is very harmful for our society.

Fantasize about (কল্পনা করা): They fantasized about winning the lottery.

Guess at (অনুমান করা): It is difficult to guess at the age of women.

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Crying need (জরুরী): Mass education is a crying need for India.

Hard nut to crack (কঠিন সমস্যা): The problem of adult education is really hard nut to crack.

In black and white – (লিখিতভাবে) – Put forward your proposal in black and white.

Irony of fate (ভাগ্যের পরিহাস): He could not succeed by irony of fate.

Red tape (official formalities, অফিসের কাজ)— You would not believe the red tape involved in getting the required permits.

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