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ঝাটিকা: [] storm; [প্রতিশব্দ] প্রচণ্ড;

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ঝটিকা  ঝটিতি  ঝড় বহা  ঝাঁকা  ঝাঁকান  ঝাঁকি  ঝাঁকড়া  ঝাঁজরা  ঝাঁপা  ঝাটিকা  ঝাড়া  ঝাপসা  ঝিঁকা  ঝিলিক  

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Appropriate Prepositions

Ask for (কোনো কিছু চাওয়া): Do not ask him for any help because he doesn’t like to help anyone.

Delegate to (প্রতিনিধি): Nazrul welcomed the delegates to the new conference.

Depend upon (নিশ্চিত থাকা, আস্থা রাখা): Sumi depended upon his word.

Effect of (প্রভাব): The effect of corruption is very harmful for our society.

Long for (আশা করা/কামনা করা): He longed for name and fame.

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Gala day (বিশেষ দিন): The Eid–Ul-Fitr is a gala day for Muslims.

On the contrary (বিপরীত পক্ষে): I do not hate him; on the contrary I love him.

Three R's (প্রাথমিক শিক্ষা)— He has not yet learnt the three R's.

Three score (ষাট): He is happy as his brother got three score.

To and fro (hither and thither, এদিক ওদিক)-The man is walking to and fro.

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