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A bed of roses :

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A bed of roses : মনোরম স্বাচ্ছন্দ্যের পরিবেশ;

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a bed of roses  abedofroses  

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Appropriate Prepositions

Covetous of(লোভী হওয়া): He is covetous of wealth.

Hope for (আশা করা): Let us hope for the best.

Make from (কোনো উপকরণ দ্বারা সরাসরি তৈরী নয় বোঝাতে): Paper is made from bamboo.

Satisfied with (সন্তুষ্ট): The authoress was highly satisfied with Jerry.

Substitute for (বদলে দেওয়া): This action is substitute for that.

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At dead of night (গভীর রাতে) The police caught the thief at dead of night.

At times (মাঝে মাঝে): He at times comes here.

Null and void (বাতিল): The deed has been null and void now.

Part and parcel (অবিচ্ছেদ্য অংশ): Education is part and parcel to build a civilized nation.

Yellow dog (হীন ব্যক্তি) - A yellow dog is always hated by all.

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