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A long with :

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A long with : সহ;

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a long with  along side  along with  alongwith  

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Appropriate Prepositions

Admit to(ভর্তি করা): The boy was admitted to class Nine.

Ascend from (উপরে ওঠা): Rahim watched the mist ascending from the valley.

Contribution to (অবদান): His invention made a major contribution to road safety.

Remedy for (প্রতিকার): There is no remedy for cancer.

Rule over (শাসন করা): In the absence of the Parliament, the President rules over the country.

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Bad book (disfavour-খারাপ নজর —n) The secretary has fallen in the bad book of the manager.

Foul play (অসদাচারণ করা): We feared that he had met with foul play.

Set free (মুক্ত করা): The prisoners were set free.

To the point (সঠিক) - The boy answered the question to the point.

To and fro (hither and thither, এদিক ওদিক)-The man is walking to and fro.

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