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A sleep :

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A sleep : অবশ; ঘুমন্ত; নিদ্রিাবস্থায়; মৃত; নিদ্রি; তন্দ্রাগত; মৃত হত্তয়া; অবশ হইয়া;

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Appropriate Prepositions

Apart from(ছাড়া, ব্যতীত, দূরে): They pave apart from each other.

Ascend from (উপরে ওঠা): Rahim watched the mist ascending from the valley.

Careful of (সতর্ক): He is very careful of his fault.

Complain to (কারো কাছে নালিশ করা): You should not complain to his parents.

Urge upon (আহবান জানানো): She urged upon his son the importance of being honest.

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At liberty (free-মুক্ত-adj.) They are at liberty to go anywhere.

In the long run (পরিণামে): You will have to suffer in the long run.

Pack of lies (ডাঁহা মিথ্যা)—He told pack of lies to prove himself innocent.

Take into account (বিবেচনা করা): Your activities should be taken into account.

Upper hand (প্রাধান্য) - He got the upper hand in the selection.

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