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abactor Meaning: গোরু-চোর;

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abacterial  abactor  abstract  abstract art  abstract form  abstraction  abstractions  abstracts  

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Appropriate Preposition:

Affection for(স্নেহ): She has a great affection for the child.

Competent for(যোগ্য): He is not competent for the post.

Convert to(দীক্ষিত): Tom is converted to another religion.

Desire for (কামনা): He has no desire for fame.

Feed with (কোনো কিছু খাওয়া): They feed the cow with grass.

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At the latest (খুব বেশি দেরী হলে) He will arrive here at 5 p. m. at the latest.

Slip of the pen (লেখায় অসতর্কতাবশত সামান্য ভুল): The mistake is due to a slip of the pen.

Scapegoat (উদোর পিন্ডি বুধোর ঘাড়ে)—He was made scapegoat of the incident.

Set out (যাত্রা করা)— I will set out in time.

Well-to-do (সঙ্গতিপূর্ণ) - He was not born in a well-to-do family.

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