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Acted :

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Acted : অভিনীত;

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accede  acceded  accessed  accosted  acquitted  act  acted  actuate  actuated  acute  aged  agitated  assisted  associated  axed  

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Appropriate Prepositions

Adjacent to (সন্নিহিত): His house was adjacent to the bridge.

Appropriate to(যোগ্য): His answer is appropriate to the question.

Ask for (কোনো কিছু চাওয়া): Do not ask him for any help because he doesn’t like to help anyone.

Congratulate on(অভিনন্দন জানানো): They congratulated me on my brilliant success.

Delegate to (প্রতিনিধি): Nazrul welcomed the delegates to the new conference.

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ABC - (প্রাথমিক জ্ঞান): I don't know the ABC of politics.

Crying need (জরুরী): Mass education is a crying need for India.

Laughing stock (হাসির পাত্র)— He is a laughing stock to all.

Run short (কমতি পড়া) —I ran short of money.

With a lavish hand (মুক্ত হস্তে)— Give away something with a lavish hand.

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