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Agnation :

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Agnation : জ্ঞাতি; সগোত্র ব্যক্তি;

Related Words

accentuation  agnation  assasination  assassination  assassinations  assentation  assignation  augmentation  augmenting  

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Appropriate Prepositions

Appoint to(নিযুক্ত করা/হওয়া): Kibria has been appointed to the post of Headmaster.

Call in(ডাকিয়া আনা): They called in a doctor.

Careful of(যত্নশীল থাকা): Sadia is careful of her health.

Dwell in (বাস করা): He dwells in a tall apartment.

Entitled to (অধিকারী): He is entitled to a reward for honesty.

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Fair and square (সৎ): The learned persons should be fair and square.

Lame excuse (বাজে ওজর): The lame excuse will not do.

Lose one’s heart (প্রেমে পড়া) — He lost his heart to the girl.

Lump sum (এক কালীন) — He gave us lump sum money.

Pack of lies (ডাঁহা মিথ্যা)—He told pack of lies to prove himself innocent.

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