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Alas :

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Alas : হতাশা বা দুঃখপ্রকাশক শব্দ; অনুতাপসূচক চিৎকার; হায়;

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Appropriate Prepositions

Abhorrent to(ঘৃণ্য): Racism of any kind is abhorrent to me.

Bar to(বাধা): Poverty is not a bar to happiness.

Indifferent to (উদাসীন): Everybody is indifferent to my problem.

Relevant to (প্রাসঙ্গিক): Your answer is not exactly relevant to my question.

Similar to (সদৃশ): My T-shirt is similar to yours.

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Back and forth (এদিক ওদিক) The mad man was running back and forth in the hospital.

Dead language (যে ভাষা এখন আর কথ্য নয়): Sanskrit is a rich language, but it is now a dead language.

Learn by heart (মুখস্থ করা)— He learnt the poem by heart.

To and fro (hither and thither, এদিক ওদিক)-The man is walking to and fro.

To the contrary (against what some one had said, পক্ষান্তরে) —He said nothing to the contrary.

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