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Appeased : শান্ত করা; প্রশমিত করা; তৃপ্ত করা; ঠাণ্ডা করা;

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Appropriate Prepositions

Call for(চাওয়া): I will call for his explanation.

Composed of(তৈরী): This medicine is composed of vitamins and minerals.

Conscious of(সচেতন): I am conscious of my deficiencies.

Contemporary of (সমসাময়িক): William Wordsworth was a contemporary for greater efficiency.

Taste for (রুচি; পছন্দ): He has a great taste for music.

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After all - (সব কথার পরেও): I rang and told her I couldn't come after all.

Back and forth (এদিক ওদিক) The mad man was running back and forth in the hospital.

Pack up a quarrel (ঝগড়া মিটানো)— He packed up their quarrel.

Put the cart before the horse (to reverse the natural order of things-কোনো জিনিসের স্বাভাবিক ক্রমকে পাল্টে দেয়া) - The leader put the cart before the horse.

Turn a deaf ear to (pay no attention, প্রত্যাখান করা) —He turned a deaf ear to my proposal.

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