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Asterisk :

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Asterisk : তারকা চিহ্ন (*);

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Appropriate Prepositions

Apply for(কারো কাছে আবেদন করা): Sumi applied to the Principal for free studentship.

Busy with(ব্যস্ত থাকা): Rahim is now busy with her homework.

Convinced of (আশ্বস্ত): You are convinced of his product.

Free from (মুক্ত): He is now free from danger.

Monument to (স্মৃতিসৌধ): The monument to your right is a popular tourist attraction.

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Bad blood - (শত্রুতা): There has always been bad blood between these families.

Learn by heart (মুখস্থ করা)— He learnt the poem by heart.

Round the clock (সমস্ত দিন): He is working round the clock.

Set something right (ঠিক করা)— He will set the machine right.

Tooth and nail (তীব্রভাবে): He fought tooth and nail for the sake of country.

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