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cartel Meaning: বন্দী বিনিময়ের চুক্তিপত্র

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Appropriate Preposition:

Careful of (সতর্ক): He is very careful of his fault.

Compete with(প্রতিযোগিতা করা): He does not pke to compete with

Desire for (আকাঙ্ক্ষা করা): He has no desire for money.

Indulge in (আসক্ত): You should not indulge in social media.

Inferior to (নীচু/হীন): He is inferior to his neighbor.

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At least (in the lowest estimate- কমপক্ষে) He is the owner of thirty lakh taka at least.

At a discount (অনাদৃত) Female education is no longer at a discount now.

As a rule (নিয়ম অনুসারে.) As a rule, she kept silent in the meeting.

Fall flat (ফলপ্রসূ না হওয়া): This business is going to fall flat.

In lieu of (পরিবর্তে): Give me this pen in lieu of that.

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