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Curtilage :

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Curtilage : বসতবাড়ির সংলগ্ন প্রাঙ্গণ;

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Appropriate Prepositions

Abide with(সঙ্গে থাকা): If you would like to rest for a while, you can abide with me.

Rule over (শাসন করা): In the absence of the Parliament, the President rules over the country.

Run over (চাপা পড়া): The man was run over by a truck.

Sorry for (দুঃখিত): He is sorry for his misdeeds.

Subsist on (বেঁচে থাকা): The poor subsist mainly on rice and pulses.

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At one’s elbow (near at hand — হাতের কাছে – adv.) His private secretary is always at his elbow.

Foul play (অসদাচারণ করা): We feared that he had met with foul play.

In cold blood (ঠান্ডা মাথায়): They committed this murder in cold blood.

In vogue (চালু): This custom is not in vogue at present.

Set out (যাত্রা করা)— I will set out in time.

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