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Firmness : কাঠিন্য; অপরিবর্তন; দৃঢ়তা; স্থৈর্য; ধীরতা; অটলতা; দ্রঢ়িমা; কঠিনতা; ঘনত্ব; অপরিবর্তনীয়তা; আঁটাআঁটি; শক্তি; কঠোরতা; ঠিক; জোর;

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Appropriate Prepositions

Based on(প্রতিষ্ঠিত, ভিত্তিক): His information is not based on the correct information.

Convert to(দীক্ষিত): Tom is converted to another religion.

Fatigued by (ক্লান্ত): He was fatigued by hard work.

Full of (পরিপূর্ণ): Our Rivers are full of fishes.

Married to (বিবাহিত): Salma was married to a Govt. Officer.

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At death’s door (at the point of death- মৃত্যুর দ্বারে) The patient is now at death’s door.

Dead against (তীব্র বিরোধী - strongly opposed to): I am dead against corruption.

Fish in a troubled water (এলোমেলো অবস্থার সুযোগ নেয়া): He made a lot of money by fishing in a troubled water.

Seventh heaven – (মহাখুশী) – I was in the seventh heaven when I heard the news of my BCS final result.

Show good manner (ভালো আচরণ প্রদর্শন ): You should show good manner in the company of young ladies.

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