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forenames Meaning: নামের প্রথম অংশ; প্রকৃত নাম;

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Appropriate Preposition:

Abhorrence of (ঘৃণা): Everyone should have abhorrence of a par.

Count for(গণ্য বা বিবেচিত হওয়া): There can be no lasting peace without true democracy in which the people play a part and count for something.

Desire for (কামনা): He has no desire for fame.

Devoted to (মনোযোগী): He is devoted to music.

Taste for (রুচি; পছন্দ): He has a great taste for music.

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Beggar description - (অবর্ণনীয় হওয়া): The distress of the Muslims in Bosnia beggars description.

Hue and cry (শোরগোল): The villagers raised a hue and cry to see the thief.

In the long run (পরিণামে): You will have to suffer in the long run.

To the backbone (to the core, হাড়ে হাড়ে) —The boy is wicked to the backbone.

Ups and downs (উত্থান পতন)- There is ups and downs in a man's life.

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