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Gaby :

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Gaby : বোকা লোক; হাবাগোবা লোক

Related Words

gab  gabby  gaby  gappy  go by  go-by  goby  

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Appropriate Prepositions

Ask about (কাউকে খোঁজ করা): Rahim asked about Karim.

Convert to(দীক্ষিত): Tom is converted to another religion.

Heir of (উত্তরাধিকারী): He is the heir of his father.

Inquire for (দেখা করতে চাওয়া): He inquires for the manager.

Long for (আশা করা/কামনা করা): He longed for name and fame.

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Cut to the quick (মর্মাহত হওয়া): I was cut to the quick by his birds.

Safe and sound (নিরাপদে)— He reached home safe and sound.

Set out (যাত্রা করা)— I will set out in time.

Take one to task (rebuke, তিরস্কার করা)— He took me to task for negligence of duty.

With might and main (যথা শক্তি দিয়ে) —He tried with might and main to help me.

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