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Gangs :

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Gangs : দল;

Related Words

gagging  gaging  gaining  gains  gainsay  gaming  ganesh  gang  gang way  ganges  gangs  gangway  gassing  gauging  gazing  gins  gnawing  gnus  goings  gong  gongs  guns  

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Appropriate Prepositions

Die of (রোগে মরা): Many people died of cholera.

Effect of (প্রভাব): The effect of corruption is very harmful for our society.

Fed up with (বিরক্ত): He is fed up with waiting for her.

Greed for (লোভ): He has an indomitable greed for wealth.

Hostile to (বিরোধী বা বিরূপ ভাবাপন্ন): Nobody is hostile to you.

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All along - (সব সময়): I was present in the meeting all along.

From hand to mouth (দিন আনে দিন খায়): The poor man live from hand to mouth.

Now and then (মাঝে মাঝে): He comes here now and then.

Set free (মুক্ত করা): The prisoners were set free.

Turn down (refuse, প্রত্যাখান করা) —He turned down my proposal.

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