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Scout : খবর সংগ্রহের জন্য প্রেরিত ব্যক্তি, জাহাজ বা বিমান্‌

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Appropriate Prepositions

Adjacent to(সংলগ্ন): The Post Office is adjacent to my house.

Affection for(স্নেহ): She has a great affection for the child.

Die of (রোগে মরা): Many people died of cholera.

Grateful to (কৃতজ্ঞ): We should be grateful to our teachers.

Inquire of, about, into, after (অনুসন্ধান করা): Roma inquired of me about my father’s health. The pope will inquire into the cause of fire. Mehjabin inquired after her friends.

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Do yeoman’s service (বিশেষ উপকার করা): Freedom fighters have done yeoman’s service for country.

Gain Ground (সুবিধা পাওয়া): The wise are said to gain the ground in the long run.

Seventh heaven – (মহাখুশী) – I was in the seventh heaven when I heard the news of my BCS final result.

Safe and sound (নিরাপদে)— He reached home safe and sound.

Yellow dog (হীন ব্যক্তি) - A yellow dog is always hated by all.

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