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sloughing Meaning: পরিত্যাগ করা; মামড়ি পড়া; খসান; ছাড়া; খোলস ত্তঠা; খোলস ছাড়া;

Related Words

slaking  slashing  slicing  slogans  slogging  sloshing  sloughing  squelching  sulking  

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Appropriate Preposition:

Caution against(সাবধান): Take all cautions against the danger.

Fail in (ব্যর্থ হওয়া): He failed in getting internet connection in his room.

Hanker after (আকাঙ্ক্ষা/লোভ করা): He hankers after riches.

Hinge on/upon (নির্ভর করা): The whole matter hinges upon this clue.

Senior to (বয়সে বড়): He is senior to me by two years.

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Back and forth (এদিক ওদিক) The mad man was running back and forth in the hospital.

From hand to mouth (দিন আনে দিন খায়): The poor man live from hand to mouth.

Run short (কমতি পড়া) —I ran short of money.

Short temper (রগচটা)— He is a man of short temper.

With the sweat of one’s brow (মাথার ঘাম পায়ে ফেলে) — He earns his livelihood with the sweat of his brow.

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