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Finicky :

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Finicky : খুঁতখুঁতে; অতি রুচিবাগীশ;

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Appropriate Prepositions

Adept in (দক্ষ): He is adept in playing football.

Adjacent to(সংলগ্ন): The Post Office is adjacent to my house.

At lunch (দুপুরের খাবারে): They were talking so much at lunch that their food went cold.

Desist from (বিরত থাকা): She desisted from making this.

Hatred for (ঘৃণা): I have no hatred for anyone.

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At death’s door (at the point of death- মৃত্যুর দ্বারে) The patient is now at death’s door.

Bad names (গালমন্দ—n) He called the man bad names.

Carry the day (জয়লাভ করা) The boys carried the day in the debate competition.

Set out (যাত্রা করা)— I will set out in time.

Silver living (hope- আশা বা ভালো দিক): Every cloud has a silver lining.

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