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Finish : শেষ করা; সমাপ্ত ও শোভন করা

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Appropriate Prepositions

Adorn with(সাজানো/সজ্জিত করা): Adorn the car with flowers.

Appropriate to(যোগ্য): His answer is appropriate to the question.

Behave towards(ব্যবহার করা): The students behaved objectionably towards the Head teacher.

By heart (মুখস্থ): Kamal learnt to poem by heart.

Fed up with (বিরক্ত): He is fed up with waiting for her.

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Fair play (প্রতারণা বিহীন নীতি বা কাজ): I believe in the practice of fair play in my business.

Hold water (ধোপে টেকা): This policy will not hold water in this situation.

Let loose (বল্গাহীনভাবে ছেড়ে দেয়া): He let his horse loose in the field.

Rank and file (সাধারণ লোক): We should pay attention to the rank and file of the country.

To the utmost (যথাসাধ্য) - I tried to the utmost of my ability to have a job.

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