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palsying Meaning: অবশ করা; পক্ষাঘাতগ্রস্ত করা;

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palsying  placing  plaguing  plashing  pleasing  plucking  plugging  policing  polishing  publishing  

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Appropriate Preposition:

Call for(চাওয়া): I will call for his explanation.

Descend on (আক্রমণ করা): Armed thieves descended on the helpless girl.

Hinge on/upon (নির্ভর করা): The whole matter hinges upon this clue.

Indebted to (ঋণী থাকা): We are indebted to the great leaders of the country for their service.

Object to (আপত্তি করা): He objected to my proposal.

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In vogue (চালু): This custom is not in vogue at present.

Slip of the pen (লেখায় অসতর্কতাবশত সামান্য ভুল): The mistake is due to a slip of the pen.

Safe and sound (নিরাপদে)— He reached home safe and sound.

Through thick and thin (through all difficulties, সমস্ত সমস্যার মধ্যে)-Ruma followed her husband through thick and thin.

Under age (অপ্রাপ্ত বয়স্ক)- He could not cast his vote because he was under age.

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