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Pleasing : আনন্দদায়ক; নন্দন; মধুর; অভিরাম; প্রীতিকর; মনোরম; রঁজক; অভিরুপ; প্রমোদক; মনোরম; আনন্দদায়ক;

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Appropriate Prepositions

Cause of(কারণ): Industry is the cause of your success.

Inferior to (নীচু/হীন): He is inferior to his neighbor.

Satisfied with (সন্তুষ্ট): The authoress was highly satisfied with Jerry.

Suffer from (অসুখে ভোগা, কষ্ট পাওয়া): He has been suffering from fever for last three days.

Worry about (কোনো কিছু বা কাউকে নিয়ে উদ্বিগ্ন হওয়া): Please, don’t worry about me. I will be alright.

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Fight shy (এড়িয়ে চলা): Why do you fight shy of your teacher?

Follow the footsteps of (পায়ে পায়ে অনুসরণ করা): People always follow the footsteps of some great man.

Null and void (বাতিল): The deed has been null and void now.

Tooth and nail (strongly, প্রবলভাবে)-He fought tooth and nail against his enemy.

Widow’s mite (দরিদ্রের ক্ষুদ্র দান): A windows mite is no less important than a large contribution of a rich man.

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