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Siesta :

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Siesta : প্র্রধান আহারের পর নিদ্র্র্র্র্রা;

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satiety  schist  sestet  set  showiest  shyest  siesta  sit  situate  society  suggest  

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Appropriate Prepositions

Business with (ব্যবসা, কাজ): He is pleased to do business with you.

Careful of(যত্নশীল থাকা): Sadia is careful of her health.

Consist of(গঠিত হওয়া): The committee consists of ten members.

Refer to (সিদ্ধান্তের জন্য প্রেরণ করা): The matter was referred to the Chairman for a decision.

Suffer from (অসুখে ভোগা, কষ্ট পাওয়া): He has been suffering from fever for last three days.

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Of course (অবশ্যই): Of course, you know what that meant.

Square meal (পেট ভরা আহার): He is too poor to have a square meal everyday.

Short temper (রগচটা)— He is a man of short temper.

Take into account (বিবেচনা করা): Your activities should be taken into account.

Tide over (বিপদ অতিক্রম করা-overcome ): The manager tided over the situation.

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