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Situate : সংস্থাপন করা; অবস্থান করানো;

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sate  sated  satiate  satiated  saute  scathe  seated  sedate  settee  sit out  site  situate  situated  skate  skated  sothat  squat  squatted  state  stated  statewide  stati  statue  statuette  statute  stayed  stoat  stout  suite  suited  suttee  swathe  

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Appropriate Prepositions

Adapt for (উপযোগী করে নেওয়া): This book has been adapted for the children.

Apart from(ছাড়া, ব্যতীত, দূরে): They pave apart from each other.

Attention to(মনোযোগ): He has no attention to his studies.

Entitled to (অধিকারী): He is entitled to a reward for honesty.

Send for (ডেকে পাঠানো): Send for a doctor immediately.

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Hard nut to crack (কঠিন সমস্যা): The problem of adult education is really hard nut to crack.

In the wake of (ঠিক পরে): Police came in the wake of the accident.

Set out (যাত্রা করা)— I will set out in time.

Up and doing (উদ্যোগী): Be up and doing and then you will succeed in your life.

Wild goose chase (useless pursuit, পন্ডশ্রম) —Do not waste time in wild goose chase.

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