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Statewide : দেশব্যাপী; রাষ্ট্রের সর্বত্র কার্যকর;

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Appropriate Prepositions

Answer for(কোনো কারনে জবাবদিহি করা): He will have to answer for his misdeeds.

Attacked by(আক্রান্ত ব্যক্তিবাচক): He has been attacked by a gang of robbers.

Call for(চাওয়া): I will call for his explanation.

Capable of(সক্ষম): He is capable of doing it.

Look into (তদন্ত করা/অনুসন্ধান করা): I am looking into the matter.

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At home (proficient in — দক্ষ) The students of Bangladesh should be at home in Bangla.

Be all and end all (the ultimate out come- চরম পরিণতি—n) A loss of one million taka was the be all and end all of the projects.

Of course (অবশ্যই): Of course, you know what that meant.

On the contrary (বিপরীত পক্ষে): I do not hate him; on the contrary I love him.

Pave the way (সুপ্রসন্ন করা) – I am sure I can pave the way for your success.

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